My Interview with Jim O’Rourke

I had the opportunity to talk to Jim O’Rourke about “Eureka” (which changed my life) and a whole lot of other stuff.

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Brian Eno 1971-1977: The Man Who Fell To Earth

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How to be the Wind

New song.

How to be the wind
You take your mind off

She is a wave
And she departed
She is the way
It all started

How do you begin
When it’s all over
Do you go on
And grow older?

What if your skin
Has no shoulder
To park or to drive
And grow older

How do you win
When you’ve got eye on
Everything you wish
Will solve your problems

How to be the wind
You take your mind off

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The Band – Live 1970

Live at The Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA, recorded on November 1st, 1970

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Two Pin Din

After getting fairly obsessed with Tom Holliston’s new song (and he thanked me on Facebook! I am a fanboy.) I went looking for solo work by NoMeansNo’s first guitarist, Andy Kerr. Wasn’t aware: Two Pin Din. That unmistakable voice and guitar sound, like something from “Small Parts” or “Wrong.”

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Hide Me (Away)

New song from me.

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Tom Holliston – Bound And Determined To Be Weird

Really loving this from NoMeansNo guitarist Tom Holliston. What I always loved about NMN is they weren’t afraid to have other influences, not all hardcore. This sounds like NoMeansNo crossed with Joe Jackson and “Drums & Wires” XTC.

All of his records are on Spotify.

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Charlie Mingus 1968

Mingus: Charlie Mingus 1968

A close-up of bass player and composer Charlie Mingus as he and his five-year-old daughter await eviction by the City of New York.

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Dead Kennedys – Lost Tapes

1981 studio and live footage of the classic Dead Kennedys’ EP. This DVD features footage from the lost recording session of In God We Trust Inc. and includes between song banter, outtakes and rescued multi-track recordings. Also features live performances of songs from the 12 inch EP spanning 1979-1986. Songs include: Hyperactive Child, Nazi Punks Fuck Off, Kepone Factory, Dogbite, Religious Vomit, We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now, Rawhide and Moral Majority.

via Dangerous Minds

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John Fahey – Live on Rockpalast 1978

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